Sport photography in Scotland

How much will this cost?

Somewhere from £50 to a couple of grand.

MTB mountain bike at Beecraigs near Linlithgow

I'm a West Lothian based photographer with years of experience in the local music scene and a keen interest in dance photography too.

Digging deep at the punch bag. Boxing practice at Sparta, Grangemouth

There are special challenges capturing the cut and thrust of fast moving sports, especially indoors, where lower lighting levels can make taking a clear photograph much more difficult.

Photography: catching a glove landing during sparring at Sparta, Grangemouth.

There is so much more to documenting boxing than catching the moment when a glove makes contact.

There's the intensity.  The joy and the pain - literal and emotional.  The comradery and the trust.  The peak of physical condition and the path traveled to get there.

Photography: catching a glove landing during sparring at Sparta, Grangemouth.

It's not just the sport, it's the whole experience.  The build up and the journey, the highs and lows, and all the candid moments inbetween.

I have a special relationship with Sparta Boxing in Grangemouth who have let me come to their training sessions, stregnth & conditioning and commissioned me to photograph sparring events.

I was also lucky enough to be asked to be the club's oficial photographer at the Boxing Scotland Novice Championships at Ravenscraig near Motherwell.


Photos of sports including boxing, fitness and body building.  I have an interest in mountain bike     and all manner of cycling.  I've not managed to take any photos at  kendo or  thai boxing - yet - but they're both on my wish list.


Eindp Sports Photography

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