How much will it cost to hire a sports photographer

Somewhere from £50 to a couple of grand. There are many (many) options and variations.  Message me on the Facebook page or drop me an e-mail and we can work something out that suits everyone. 

Photographing a home show:

For full beans coverage of a home show it should be stating at around £400.

There are always ways to get costs down .. but that would mean a few wee cuts in what gets delivered.

The trick is to spread the costs.  If a sponor were to chip in, I could put their logo/name on the photos.  Two sponsors: one for the 1st half, the other for the 2nd.

I ercial job of this size would *start* at about £700.

IGym visits:

Many variables, but starting at £50 for an informal training session, sparring take much more work so stating at £100.

Happy to discuss all options.


There's more to 'togging the boxing than catching big punches.

Photography: catching a glove landing during sparring at Sparta, Grangemouth.

It's not just the sport, it's the whole experience.  The build up and the journey, the highs and lows, and all the candid moments inbetween.


Eindp Sports Photography

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