How much will it cost to hire a sports photographer

Somewhere from £50 to a couple of grand. There are many (many) options and variations.  Message me on the Facebook page or drop me an e-mail and we can work something out that suits everyone. 

Photographing a home show:

I realise that the main point of home shows is to raise money rather than to pay it out! However:

It takes about an hour to go through the photos from a bout, a bit less for a cub bout, considerably more for an action packed 3 x 3min bout.

Add travel and between four and six hours on the day: we could be looking at 30-40 hours of my time for a show with 14 bouts.

For full beans coverage like I did at Chirnside on 21st of April, it should be starting at around £400.

That sounds like a lot when you're trying to *raise* funds but if you could get the home boxers/parents to chip in £15 per bout, you'd be half way there.

The trick is to spread the cost. If a local sponsor were to chip in, then I could put their logo/name on the photos. Two sponsors: one sponsors the bouts before the interval, the other sponsor the 2nd half.

There are always ways to get the cost down .. but that would mean a few wee cuts in what gets delivered. I could bring £4,000 worth of gear rather than £9,000 worth, reduce the number of bouts, not take any "behind the scenes" shots, etc.

I can also supply the home club with high resolution jpegs of the shots so you can sell prints to parent/boxers to help recoup the costs. These could also be used for promoting the club and used in the local press.

I like boxing and I like to support the clubs, if I run the job through my rough cost estimator a commercial job of this size would *start* at about £700.

I'm happy to discuss all options.


There's more to 'togging the boxing than catching big punches.

Photography: catching a glove landing during sparring at Sparta, Grangemouth.

It's not just the sport, it's the whole experience.  The build up and the journey, the highs and lows, and all the candid moments inbetween.


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